Thursday, March 8, 2012


One thing a political campaign should achieve is a demonstration on the part of candidates to competently manage a very complicated organizational structure. If a person cannot demonstrate competency on the campaign trail it would be idiotic to expect competency once in office. Gingrich and Santorum have shown their lack of competency by their failures to get on the ballots in some states and failures to have committed delegates in some of the electoral precincts. How can an individual expect citizens to have faith in his ability to serve as President or Commander-in-Chief if unable to secure the necessary signatures to get on a state’s primary ballot. Speaking of competency, all of the candidates seem to feel that the US should bomb Iraq to prevent that country from developing a nuclear weapon. It should be obvious that action of this nature will start another war in the Middle East but none of the candidates has provided a means for paying the costs of that war. The same is true when it comes to Syria. Bomb the Syrian government forces they cry, but say nothing about paying the costs of military intervention in Syria. The candidates criticize Obama’s policies regarding care for veterans, but say nothing about the republicans in congress failure to legislate additional funds for veteran care or how to pay he additional costs of veterans’ cafre.In Romney’s “victory” speech on March 6th, he mentioned a person by he name of Norm who happened to have 100 patents. In the same paragraph, he wanted to “get government out of the way of business” neglecting to point out that each of the 100 patents he bragged about was protected by policies of the very government he wants to “get out of the way” of business. Romney also cited his views concerning the unemployed workers hurt by policies of the Obama administration but did not mention the former workers of SCM Corporation who lost their jobs as a result of management by Romney’s company, Baine Capital. Finally, there is the matter of fiscal competency...just look at how much is being spent to win the Republican presidential nomination by Romney. Somehow, outspending any other candidate by a factor of between 5 and 10 to one fails to signify fiscal conservatism or any other skill in financial management that Romney claims to bring to the campaign. The wild spending, mostly for negative advertising denigrating his opponents demonstrates the fiscal hypocrisy of Romney and the Republican party.

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