Friday, April 27, 2012

Get Money Out!

Candidates for office should be prohibited from accepting contributions from anyone who is not eligible to vote for the office that candidate is seeking. If only registered voters could contribute to political campaigns corporations, unions, lobbying organizations, and all other special interests would no longer have a political voice. Additionally if the prohibition on big money was in the form of candidate acceptance rather than on the side of the donator, the "free speech" issue is avoided. Finally, the maximum amount a candidate should be allowed to accept is the sum of three months salary for the office being sought and acceptance limits shall also apply to funds personally provided by the individual seeking office. These limits shall apply to both actual contributions as well as loans to an individual's political campaign.. Additionally, every candidate and staff member of a candidate for federal office should sign a pledge stating that the candidate nor will not accept any position after leaving office that could be used to influence legislation or legislators in any way. The would prohibit working as a lobbyist, legislative consultant, or any other of the various terms used by former congressional members or their staff members. Anyone having received compensation for being in Congress or for working for a congress person shall refrain from any form of influence activity after leaving their positions. Violations of this pledge shall result in the forfeiture of any compensation and benefits that were earned during the congressional position.

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