Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Businessman?

In the 2000 Presidential campaign, George W. Bush keep pointing out that he was not a “Washington Insider” but before becoming governor of Texas, he was a ”businessman” and this experience in business was necessary to bring prosperity to Americans. Unfortunately enough Americans bought into this line of bull-crap to enable Bush to put his business skills to use as President. The results, to name a few, would have one consider Enron and Global Crossings as companies the SEC under Bush failed to prevent from fleecing American citizens. Then there is the mortgage issue that began under his stewardship. Of course we cannot forget the manner in which his business experience helped avoid the banking and financial crisis. (Whoops, he didn’t avoid those did he?) How well did his business experience serve him when it came to catching bin Laden, finding WMDs in Iraq, or the “six week cake-walk he claimed would be the result of the Iraqi invasion. Finally, there is the fiscal record of our last businessman President. At last report, it was not a recommendation to create the highest deficit in the history of the country. Yet, the Ryan/Romney tax plan looks to exceed even the Bush deficit if enacted into law. On the other hand, Obama does have over three years of experience as acting as Commander-in-Chief where he ended American troops in Iraq, killed bin Laden, and the end of the war in Afghanistan is in sight. As a result of Obama’s experience, the country is gaining jobs rather than losing jobs. In fact, over the past three years, there were more jobs created than the entire eight years of businessman Bush’s entire Presidency. Companies are finally moving manufacturing back to the U.S. rather than moving jobs of the country. The only constituency that seems to favor Romney over Obama is older, wealthy, white men, who are the biggest beneficiaries of government's tax policy largess. Fortunately, they are no longer a majority of voters. Can the country afford another businessman as President? Can the country afford a man, who when governor, had the worst job creation record in the country? Can the country afford a businessman who, when in business, killed more jobs than he created? Can the country afford as president a businessman who, when in business, closed as many businesses as he started? Another businessman who avoids the truth? Think twice about that!

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