Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day Four...There are lies, liars, and then there's Romney

10 More Pants-on-Fire Moments 1. Romney claiming that anyone who questions his business tactics is "attacking the free enterprise system" 2. Jon Stewart nailing Romney's lies and deceptions about the tax code 3. Romney's lied about President Obama having "raised" the corporate tax rate 4. Romney claiming he pays a 50%(!!) tax rate 5. Romney lied about President Obama and rocket attacks against Israel 6. Romney lied about his "job creator" record 7. Romney's BLATANT lied that Gingrich "outspent him" in South Carolina 8. Romney lied about President Obama's record on regulations, a lied of ASTONISHING magnitude 9. Romney lied about social programs that aid the poor 10.Romney lied about his "blind trust" Perhaps the question everyone needs to ask is whether it would make news when Romney FAILED to lie. Will there ever be a Romney speech that will go from start to finish without containing a lie, misrepresentation, or other misstatement of fact? Will Romney ever have his staff fact-check what he plans to say before he says it? Or, is Romney's ego such that he assumes that regardless of what he says, his privileged class will just make it so. Hopefully, someone will comment as to he whys of Romney's lies.

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