Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day Three

Ten more lies from Romney 1. Romney's shockingly brazen lie that President Obama's objective is "equal outcomes" for all people 2. Romney in full, liar, sociopath mode after his win in New Hampshire 3. Romney lied about his record on gay rights 4. Romney lied about the President's healthcare law 5. Romney lied about the President's so-called policy of "appeasement" 6. Romney lied right to David Corn's face about something Romney said that Corn heard PERSONALLY 7. Romney lied about President Obama's trade policies 8. Romney lied about the "savings" that would come from repealing the healthcare law 9. Romney AGAIN lied about Obama's defense policy 10.Romney lied about his "regular guy" status, including his AMAZING lied that he has feared getting a "pink slip" notice himself One has to wonder if Romney is actually aware that he is lying. One would think he would have someone on his staff who could fact-check his claims before he opened his mouth. If he became President, would his decision making as President reflect his inability to same the same thing, in the same way, with the same meaning twice? Which Romney will serve, if elected? Want to take a chance?

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