Friday, May 4, 2012

Day six... Will he ever speak the truth?

If His Lips Are Moving He Must Be Lying 1. Romney's incredibly vicious lie that President Obama has "fought against religion" 2. Romney lied about sanctions on Iran 3. Romney's fictional account of his time as governor of Massachusetts 4. Romney's INCREDIBLE lies about his record on abortion rights 5. Romney lied about his own "memories" 6. Romney lied about President Obama being a "crony capitalist" 7. Romney lied about Obama and Iran--AGAIN 8. Romney's utterly dishonest taxation and budgetary proposals are lies 9. Romney lied about Obama and Medicare AGAIN 10.Romney lied about the minimum wage Is there no one on Romney's staff that can fact-check his speeches? If he manages to get elected, what can Americans (or anyone else for that matter) expect when it comes to being truthful?

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